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C-star Retail Forum Speaker Topic review - Mr.Silvio Kirchmaier from Umdasch


At the C-star Retail Forum Umdasch' CEO Silvio Kirchmaier points out the impact of urbanization and demographic change on the retail business. While in 1900 only two out of ten people lived in cities, in 2010 that number had increased to five - a continuation of this development is predicted. Alongside there is a global rise of middle-class consumption, especially in Asia and a higher average age of people. 

This being good news for the retail industry, online-shopping is a challenge to the offline stores in the cities. With growing sales of e-commerce the number of brick-and-mortar shops has decreased by 15 % within the past 15 years. Especially mobile shopping shows an upward curve. Customer use their smartphones 85 times per day on average, Kirchmaier explains, but offline strikes back. His recipe for stores is to have surprising elements, create "third places" with additional services like catering or styling and provide a connection between online and offline by using intelligent technologies.


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