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Convenience stores: On-the-go shopping in Germany


While in China, convenience stores are very popular and widely spread within shopping areas, in Germany, filling stations are popular places for on-the-go shopping. But they have been losing their unique appeal. Product mixes and prices vary considerably, the different zones often lack individuality, the personnel are indifferent and the atmosphere is unfriendly to customers, explains Frank Fleck from Lekkerland AG, one of the major operators of filling station shops in Germany. Now the wholesaler has developed a new shop concept to help these shops hold their own against competition from supermarkets and convenience stores. The company is brightening up the ambience and improving the conversion rate by offering fresher goods, a wider selection and better quality. The shops are also getting up-to-date communication, more attractive pricing and a contemporary look.

Solid wood, concrete, stone and steel are the dominant materials of the new pilot store, which is divided into two areas: a traditional shop and a full-fledged bakery. Visual axes, digital “focus walls” for communicating commercial messages and improved signage help to make products more appealing and create a feel-good atmosphere. A “fast lane” allows customers to get right to the centrally positioned checkout. The slow lane leads to the bakery, various places to sit, a selection of fresh products, hot meals, a pick & mix confectionary stand and a service counter.

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