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ReTailor Hub will launch its inaugural offline networking event on November 30


With the overall consumption upgrade and high demand from millennials, merely beautiful and fancy design cannot satisfy customers anymore.

As a retailer and designer, you may want to try out more innovative, environment-friendly and lighter materials to implement your design idea perfectly and enable your store completely stand out through one-stop project.

C-star always keps a close key on market trends, as one of the specialized event alongside C-star, ReTailor Hub will host its inaugural offline networking event on November 30, featuring the topic of “Shape”&“Material” – Forward-looking Commercial Space Design. Professionals marcom leaders from Candex Displays, Ganter, Onewe Design, and Coop Studio will set together to deliver their speech on new materials and structures in commercial space as well as the latest design concept and space solutions.



Date:November 30, 2018 (Friday)
Venue:Candex Wujiang Exhibition Hall (600 meters east of No. 8 Laixiu Road, Suzhou)


Departure from Shanghai - Wujiang

Free shuttle bus service


Welcome Speech



China’s Retail Design Status and Future Trends

Onewe Design Co., Ltd.
Ms. Qin Zhenan


Virtual Reality - Candex’s Art of Space Display

Candex Displays (China) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Pan Guojun


Diversified Retail Space

Ganter Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Ansgar Niemann


Lunch Buffet



Shop Window and Pop-Ups Case Sharing
Retail Design Case Sharing

Candex Displays (China) Co., Ltd.
Coop Studio


Exhibition Hall Key Case Visit and Introduction





  Speaker and Company Profile  

The PrimaryTM unframed display system developed by Candex team has changed the decoration mode of traditional commercial space and window display. This series of products features stylishness and minimalism, which brings visual shock to consumers and significantly promotes the visual aesthetics of commercial space.

Ansgar Niemann became a carpenter at the age of 15 and has over 35 years of industry experience. During the past 6 years at Ganter China, he led his team to provide a variety of props, furniture and decoration services for international luxury brands and customers.

Qin Zhenan has been in charge of and responsible for the design of many well-known and award-winning commercial projects in China. She is good at incorporating Asian cultural and artistic elements into her design. She likes Zen and naturalism, rejects impetuous formalism, and insists on the design philosophy of “viewing humanity and turning to nature”.

Born in 2017, Coop Studio is an all-inclusive designer joint space. Founders Xu Sheng and Juan Yruela have put into practice their ideals as architects, by creating a brand new atmosphere of cooperation and delivering complete solutions and rich expertise to meet customer needs.


In addition to these high-profile guests and companies’ presence and information sharing, we will also arrange a visit to the Candex Wujiang Art Gallery on the afternoon of November 30 to appreciate more outstanding solutions from Candex in the field of commercial space. The gallery covers an area of 800 square meters and is comfortably situated at the waterfront of the beautiful Fenhu Lake.



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