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C-star Spotlight on Japanese retail brand NITORI




Established in 1972 in Hokkaido, NITORI is a widely-known furniture and home furnishing brand in Japan, with sales volume accounting for 50%of the Japanese furniture and home furnishing industry, and 26 years of continuous growth.


NITORI has established 395 stores worldwide, including two in Shanghai located on 2nd and 3rd floors of Zhaofeng Plaza(No.999 Changning Road) and Rm 318, 3rd floor of Vanke Mall(No.3366 Caobao Road). The aim of NITORI in opening stores in Shanghai is to provide a “Colorful Household Environment Comparable to That in Europe and America” for the public. Another goal of NITORI is to increase the number of its chain stores to 3,000 by 2032 - specifically aiming to increase stores in China to 100 by 2020, rendering the Chinese market as an essential battlefield for NITORI on the world stage. To that end, NITORI will accelerate its pace of store openings in order to realize its vision of “transforming household life worldwide” and offering fun and unique one-stop shopping experiences for more customers.


NITORI has also independently developed all types of goods, shelves, counters, spare parts and other equipment. Building upon four decades of retail experience, it strives to meet the design and user demands of various customer groups. The general-purpose goods shelves are flexible to match, convenient to assemble and durable to use, and can be used in combination with various modularparts. NITORI provides a colorful household environment and all types of high-quality, affordable furniture and home furnishing products comparable to those in Europe and America, and create a better living environment for its customers. As for its lifestyle design, NITORI chooses quality suppliers worldwide, ensuring each production procedure through the selection of raw materials, directly participates in the quality management of production process, and creates a high-quality lifestyle at a low cost through bulk purchase.


Japanese retail has brought about much excitement and energy in the last two years. Instead of being attributed to the strong performance of the retail industry, this movement can be better summed up as the perfect embodiment of the smooth development of its entire circulation industry. In fact, the efforts of all the links of the entire industry chain, from manufacture through commodity planning and logistics reconstruction to store operation & sales, have contributed to today’s legendary performance of Japanese retail.

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