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Final winners of EuroShop RetailDesign Award China have announced, highlighting the strength of Chinese design


As a supporting programme of C-star 2020, EuroShop RetailDesign Award China presentation ceremony was successfully held on the evening of September 2 at the Kerry hotel in Pudong, Shanghai.




ERDA China (EuroShop RetailDesign Award China) is derived from ERDA which is one of the supporting programs of EuroShop Trade Fairs. ERDA is organized by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and EHI since 2008 to award the most compelling store concepts from all candidates. A well-honed mix of store architecture, colours, materials, lighting and visual merchandising, the clear communication of the product range as well as direct means of appealing to customers are key criteria for the jury of experts.



As the Chinese retail industry has formed its own pattern with Chinese characteristics during its development, one set of criteria is no longer the optimal assessment for retail designs in both China and other countries, we establish ERDA China for the unique needs of the Chinese retail industry, and invite more domestic experts to join the jury and crown the outstanding store designs in China.The competition, held in China for the first time, has attracted extensive attention in the industry. Three projects emerging in several selection rounds were awarded the grand prize.


Nike SH 001 - E.A.R.L Adapt BB






This project aims to provide customers with an interactive and immersive shopping experience. At the same time, it helps the brand to promote the new product “Adapt BB” by showing its technology highlights and the brand story to customers in an all-round way. At the entrance of the retail space, there are artistic installations with a strong sense of future technology. The product story area is designed to enable customers to further understand the development history and technological significance of Adapt BB while touching the product. The design breaks the rules of regular display of sports products. A considerable proportion of the interior space is for displaying various artistic devices, which convey the technological details of the product through artistic language. In addition to visual expression, the device also arouses the auditory sense. With playing the video on LED screen balls, the background sound of motor is played at the same time to imitate the mechanical sound of the product while adjusting the lace. When browsing the product, customers can also interact with the devices to understand the product and the story behind it from a new perspective, and so as to enjoy a strong sensory experience and a novel shopping trip.


Tong Ren Tang Zhima Health Concept Store


Designer:Beijing Wuxiang Space Architecture Design Studio

Brand:Beijing TRT Health



Tongrentang Zhima Health has created a complex functional system of healthy diet + medical center+ health examination + social entertainment. The designer has applied a large area of contrasting materials as solid wood and brass in the store. From the ground floor to upstairs, Zhima Health Concept Store has four themes as inquiry, food, convalescence and cure. Zhima Health Concept Store provides dietary supplements, nourishing & health food and even health care products that incorporate health tech, enabling customers to enjoy one-stop and immersive shopping experience. Mortise-and-tenon joints present a traditional yet modern texture, conveying TRT’s nerve and resolve to brand upgrade. The red Chinese cloisonne screen from the Imperial Palace shows a modern charm in traditional craft. And Asia’s largest automatic medicine vending machine is placed behind the artistic screen, which indicates TRT Health’s vision of “collecting herbs around the world to improve people's health”. The traditional terrazzo flooring tiles, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, show the respect for traditional craft and also an attempt at integrating tradition and innovation.


HEYTEA LAB (Shenzhen OCT Harbor Store)






HEYTEA and TOMO Design have jointly created an “immersive experience garden” —— the first HEYTEA LAB in Shenzhen. Based on the four ideas of Heytea – “Cool, Zen, Inspiration and Design” and the sci-tech atmosphere of Shenzhen, the designers create immersive e-experience in the garden-like lab. Here artistic conception, future and inspiration are combined together, creating an “immersive experience garden” which integrates sci-tech and landscape experiences. The basic logic is the insights into the consumption experiences that the brand will bring to consumers. The design goes beyond the conventional reference system, deconstructs the consumers’ demands and feelings, and extends the potential value of Heytea for consumption upgrading in the business environment. The designers achieve original creativity in strategy, planning and operation, so as to create space value and brand-new experience with ingenious design.



C-star 2020 ends successfully, let's look forward to C-star 2021!


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