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Exhibitor Analysis

Exhibitors by Origin

Exhibitors by Origin

Exhibitors by Industry


Shopfitting and shop furnishing 33%

Store design & visual merchandising 33%

Smart retail technology 20%

Lighting 8%

Catering, hospitality equipment and refrigeration system 4%

Stand construction & live marketing 2%

Top Exhibiting Countries / Regions:

3.Hong Kong
Exhibitor Voice
"It is very important for us to participate in C-star. C-star attracts professional visitors from retail industry. Through this platform, we have established contact with many brands and commercial space designers. Moreover, exhibitors at the C-star showcased the latest retail solutions and applications, from which we have greatly benefited."
Ms. Ding Ruoming, Product Manager of Epson China
"I was very impressed by C-star, I think the quality of this exhibition is quite high from both exhibitors and visitors. During the exhibition, we also meet with many high-profile brands that are interested in our partnership model."
Ms. Coco Chen, Marketing Supervisor of Zhejiang Shanyoung Commercial Equipment Co., ltd.
"There are a lot of on-site activities. C-star is a highly influential exhibition in China. Through this platform, we can understand the development trend of the industry, and get in contact with well-known retail brands. It enables us to join the entire industry for the future development of China's retail market."
Ms. Anne Qin, CEO of Shenzhen Onewedesign Co., Ltd.

Purpose for Exhibiting

  • To acquire latest market trends / product information 89%
  • To initiate new business relation in Asian / Chinese market 89%
  • To learn, exchange and network 85%
  • To consolidate existing business contacts 81%
  • To present new products / technologies 84%
  • To enhance image & brand of the company 74%
  • To seek for sales agent / distributor 81%
  • To attain conclusion of sale at the fair 87%
  • To compare with competitors 83%
  • To recruit new staffs 70%
Visitors Analysis

Visitor by Origin

Visitor by Origin

Domestic Visitor Breakdown

Domestic Visitor Breakdown

Top Overseas Visitor Countries / Regions

3.South Korea
4.Hong Kong

Visitor by Business Sector

Decision Makers

Visitor by Occupational Postion

  • Department Head / Project Director 27%
  • General Manager 14%
  • Designer 11%
  • Purchasing Manager 10%
  • Entrepreneur / Partner / Self-employed 9%
  • Engineer 7%
  • Deputy General Manager 6%
  • Consultant 4%
  • Vice President 2%
  • President 2%
  • Chairman / Executive President 2%
  • Lecturer / Teacher/ Scientific Assistant 2%
  • Others 4%

Main Areas of Interest

  • Shopfittings and Shop Furnishings 31%
  • Smart Retail Technology 23%
  • Lighting 20%
  • Store Design & Visual Merchandising 19%
  • Stand Construction & Live Marketing 5%
  • Building Service Engineering and Energy Management 3%
  • Catering and Refrigeration System 2%
  • General Service 1%
Visitor Voice
Overview of Top Brands Visiting C-star 2019
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