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Company Profile

CM Design is the first domestic brand SI and experience POSM design company. As a guide by positioning theory and aiming at "Aesthetic design and Scene creation", Design CM subvert the traditional SI design concept and mode, and creates a new age of "scene aesthetic design" and "branding experiential marketing".

  • Little Swan Washing Machine pop
    Swan microbubble: half of washing liquid, decontamination without residue
  • Little Swan Micro bubble POP
    Swan microbubble: half of washing liquid, decontamination without residue
  • Little Swan Cold Wash POP
    Consumers can intuitively feel the benefits brought by selling points.
  • Suger Mobile Store Design
    Simple and bright colors create an accessible mobile retail experience space
  • Midea Home appliance Store Design
    The Si design theme of Midea environmental appliances is "to achieve high quality life through innovation".
  • Mobile phone Infinix Brand store Design
    Infinix, taking large market share in Africa, is a high-end mobile phone.They are eager to build a retail design image to match their brand. Therefore, CM Design worked with Infinix Marketing Department to launch new brand store design. The shop design concept of Infinix is to connect people with digital world through the speed of light. Infinix becomes a media and Infinix brand shop becomes a scene which can connect with customers. CM Design provided not only experience design services, but also strategy, merchandising. CM designers conceived, designed, and directed all interactive digital touchpoints within the store.
  • Electric Car Leapmotor 4S Store Design
    Electric Car Leapmotor 4S Store Design
  • Midea heater pop
    Midea heater pop 15 second heating, intelligent constant temperature, time and power saving
  • Midea Electric Fan POP
    Midea Electric Fan POP
  • LG Mobile POP
    LG Mobile POP
  • LG Mobile POP
    LG dural screen POP
  • LG Smart Home POP
    LG Smart Home POP Intelligent voice assistant: visual performance angle, better display the voice function to consumers.
  • Mingyue Lens POP Design
    Ming Yue Lens POSM Project Time: December, 2017 Project Design Concept: "Winter Winderland Module" Project Design Selling Points: Anti-blue light, Super tough, Intelligent color change, Super bright, Polarized light.
  • Little Swan POP Design
    Midea Little Swan POSM Program Time: December, 2018 Program Design Selling Points: "Choose cold water wash to upgrade bucket”
  • Oneplus POP Design
    Program Design Concept: Design aligned by using One Plus logo, color, slogan, and the Cube Box as an emphasis point factor for the product rack and LED lamp T&M.
  • Oneplus Experience Store Design
    As a High-end mobile phone brand in India, One Plus continues expanding a lot of retail stores in India. One plus store through the new design form, the brand will be given a refreshing visual image of the space while clearly distinguishing it from other brands of mobile phone shops, breaking the traditional mobile phone retail space impression. The overall space atmosphere has the technological sense of the mobile phone brand, but at the same time it intends to fashion it, weakening its aggression to consumers from clear marketing purposes. Obvious space sign does not appear in the space, and there is no mandatory circulation line. Provide a more dynamic, gentler and more international perspective for product marketing.
  • LG POP
    Through the simulation and the actual use of similar scenarios, consumers can intuitively see what benefits this product has and more clearly convey the selling points.
    On December 9th, 2017, a quantum dot visual Carnival arrived in Shenzhen. TCL QLED TV shocked everyone with the wonderful color brought by quantum dot technology and made everyone feel the future beauty of quantum dot technology.  In order to make this high-end technology display with the most vivid way and consumers understand the advanced technology better, we developed a set of ultimate materials which make high-end technology close to consumers to get to the technical points. Meanwhile, it helped to spread QLED technology and TCL became popular in the market with QLED products.
  • Store Design for Midea Micro Steam Oven
    As a domestic-famous brand of home appliance brand, Midea's new store design is different from the original store design. CM Design team has worked with a lot of home appliance brands and providing the interior design these years. The design approach incorporates efficient solutions for delivering a great retail experiences space.The reproduction of the situational elements of a warmth home.Let consumers experience products and scenes under dynamic-line arrangement, therefore increasing consumption. Shop interior design guide customers to purchase actively with emotional identity .
  • China Merchants Bank Branch Design
    China Merchants Bank 3.0 Version Branch Network which mainly designed by us was finally opened with an amazing appearance. It took half of the year and finished on July 27th, 2017. This case took "Simplicity, Comfort, Technology" as design concept. Customers change their demands for bank business around the tendency of the new-retailed and electronic generation. It is a subversive innovation for the terminal and new exploration for new-retail of the finance industry. China Merchants Bank leading an industry innovation again. Also, leading the tendency of renewal and upgrade for the network of the whole finance industry which used ahead-concept of development and consciousness of customer service.

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