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Company Profile

Pinguan IOT Technology Co., Ltd is a professional RFID total solution provider, wholly-owned by Thinkgo IOT Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd (stock code 839047, Haier shares). The products of Thinkgo series cover RFID solutions, RFID tags, RFID hardware & software and related data services. And we are the top provider of leading users like HLA.

  • RFID Cashier

    Low efficiency of checkout is the pain point of retail stores. RFID cashier is developed by Pinguan to
    solve such problem. Mainly used in supermarket, convenience store and shopping mall. Once the
    customer put a batch of goods on it, the billing data will be uploaded to user system and shown on the
    computer immediately. No long queues waiting any more. Compared with barcode scanning, it has
    the advantages of batch reading, high efficiency, high accuracy based on RFID technology.

  • RFID Smart Display Shelf

    RFID Smart Display Shelf is a high-tech commodity display system that integrates video advertising, real-time interaction, focus analysis, and display management. Suitable for mobile phones, cosmetics, bags, shoes, children's toys and other products. When the customer picks up the product, the corresponding advertisement is played on the screen in real time. Each time it is picked up, it will be automatically recorded, and a report on the commodities and location concerns will be generated to provide a scientific and efficient basis for market decisions. 24-hour monitoring, automatically reminding backstage replenishment when out of stock. This product improves the store sales from the traditional "narrative" to the fashionable "experience", and presents the information content of product features, promotions, advertisements, etc. more accurately and vividly. At the same time, it reduces labor requirement and improves the store image. Already used by Decathlon.

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