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Company Profile

Lux Design is a specialist and pioneer in the fields of retail design, store fixture manufacturing and retail construction. We have built up a solid track record of more than 30 years, earning a high reputation and long term relationships with our clients. We provide one stop professional services based on a thorough understanding of the essence of our clients’ brands and the features of their products. Our design team in Europe, Hong Kong and mainland China are experienced in creating tailor-made designs. Our production line in China’s core cities are uniquely skilled to make the designs in reality.

  • O-tea--Design/Production

    The O.tea store design was based on the core elements "natural" and "modern", based on simple lines and natural colors, the design interpreted high level of tea art. 

    This concept store is located in the ancient town of Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang, Yunan China, a world cultural heritage area. We combined with the natural and traditional materials, together with traditional building and modern craftmanship. We created a shop with natural and human balance. We made use of the space, simple lines , created simply and space beauty.

    The store Facade is made of glass, from floor to top. matching with natural wood stripes. We preserved the original wood pieces and the structure of building very carefully when we designed this shop. The integration of natural lights and the old town scenery makes the shop an unique one in the region.  

    The tea shopping area is characterized by the natural aesthetics of the traditional octagonal architecture. We displayed green plants, enlarge the area for sunlight goes into the shop.  There you can feel quiet and leisure. 

    The tea making area was decorated by natural green, which is one of the representative color of tea. In the modern space planning, create excellent customer experience, increase brand awareness and quality is essential to increase sales amount. And we tried upmost to create all the above in this shop. The storefront design matches with the product elements, which expresses a message that tea drink is the option of young generation, tea is not only for old people. 

    In the material selection, we used stones , woods which is highly related to natural feeling, and metal for retail display area. For the shape and structure, traditional octagonal is used, different set of display units, in various size are locked together, ups and downs , left and right. 

  • Tealection Guangzhou-engineering design/production/installation

    To create the first international premium tea retail brand from China to delight tea lovers from around the world. 

    Core Idea: Bountiful Flavor and Aromatics - Selected just for You

    In Tealection, we want every customer to experience that Tealection pursues extraordinary tea blends and flavors for their enjoyment. And by merging key elements of tea within the spirit of the location, Tealection optimizes the customer’s experience for tea.

    Key Design Ingredients:
    1. Green: of the picturesque tea fields with each their own character of green. In general, green represents steadiness, richness, ambition, health, growth and harmony. 
    2. Textures: of the tea plants and the grid each tea field imprints in the landscape. 
    3. Basic materials: of the element, craftsmanship and purity of tea. 
    4. Light: the essential element for growth and nurturing, contrasted by shadows for shade and surprise. 
    5. Art: for the art of tea making, the brass of the kettles and tools, the fabric of the Chinese dynasties. 
    6. Tones or character: tastes of tea, smell of fresh tea and boiled tea, touch of textures, cracking of fresh tea leaves, visual the million shades of green. 



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