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C-star at The Retail Innovation Award 2017


Hong Kong – Hotbed for New Retail Technology

The C-star Team was on-site at The Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2017.  Organized by the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA), The Retail Innovation Award 2017 distinguishes outstanding projects utilizing retail technologies for the innovation and development in the industry.

The Time for Retail Innovation is NOW

The wave of retail innovation developments brings about a truly exciting period in the industry, as the entire industry chain looks toward innovative solutions to accelerate market development and engage customer acquisition and retention. Smart Retail or New Retail models adopt the latest technologies to incorporate mobile, omni-channel, cloud, and big data to drive competitive advantages.


The Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2017

The Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2017 covered three categories:
Best Retail Innovation (Application), Best Retail Innovation Product for Technology Vendors, and Best Retail Startup Innovation Product for Technology Start-ups. Each category presents tri-tiered Gold / Silver / Bronze Awards for its class winners.

C-star Team: Front and Center

As a Silver Sponsor for The Retail Innovation Award 2017, The C-star Team witnessed the competition, gaining insights on the regions’ fast-moving retail sectors. Hong Kong provides an international hotbed for New Retail innovations owing to the Special Economic Region’s tremendous appetite for technology and consumption, bolstered by its international exposure and free-trade benefits.
For more information on The Retail Innovation Award 2017, please visit www.hkrtia.org
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