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Sugar, Soap and Some Solar Power German Food Retailer Offers Green Energy for E-Cars – Free of Charge



One of the main food retailers in Germany has started a new service. Aldi Sued will soon be offering its customers the opportunity to charge their e-cars at 80 charging stations – for free. Fifty-three charging stations are already in use, and by the end of the year the retailer will provide this service at 80 outlets throughout the western and southern part of Germany. At the additional stations Aldi Sued will provide green electricity, generated by solar power systems on the roofs of its outlets. 


With this service Aldi Sued is positioning itself as a company that takes sustainability seriously, keeps up with technological developments and acknowledges changes in society’s behaviour. The company has clearly underlined its commitment to more climate-friendly retail – a topic that is gaining more and more relevance in Germany. 
This also shows that the German grocery retail business is very competitive; retailers have to be inventive. Many come up with ideas to create a better shopping experience for their customers. Consumers can be rather fickle at times, and loyalty has become almost old-fashioned. Offering yet another service that meets customers’ needs is a far-sighted strategic decision. It pays off in a better image – and above all, it can bring in more customers. 
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