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IKEA to expand delivery across China via Tmall


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The store piloted its delivery service in March.


Ahead of Alibaba’s 6.18 Mid-Year Shopping Festival, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA said its virtual store on the e-commerce firm’s B2C online marketplace Tmall will soon support deliveries to Chinese consumers nationwide, according to a press release.


IKEA launched a Tmall store in March, piloting its delivery service in select locations including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui. Over the past year, its flagship lured in more than 2.76 million followers and over 100 million visitors.


It has also tapped Tmall’s advanced New Retail technologies, from livestreaming and online-to-offline membership solutions to 3D shopping features that replicate the experience of physically shopping in one of its signature maze-like stores.



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